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Taking care of your eyes is not only essential for good vision but also for overall well-being. After all, eyes are one of the most crucial and sensitive organs in our body. By protecting them, we not only enhance our visual experience but also prevent potential eye diseases and discomfort. In other words, “An eye for an eye” may work in some situations, but when it comes to protecting your eyes, prevention is the best cure.


Together, clinical research and medical affairs play a critical role in advancing the field of ophthalmology and improving outcomes for patients with eye diseases.

Clinical research involves conducting studies to evaluate the safety and efficacy of new treatments for eye diseases. These studies may involve testing drugs, medical devices, or surgical techniques.

  • Development of new treatments
  • Improved understanding of diseases
  • Early detection
  • Patient education
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Improved quality of life



Dr. Butuner is a distinguished specialist in the field of eye diseases who is dedicated to providing compassionate care.


She earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Guelph, Doctor of Optometry and Masters of Science in Vision Science from the University of Waterloo, and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the Rotman School of Business, University of Toronto.


Dr. Zuhal Butuner is a highly experienced professional with over 20 years in the biotech and pharmaceutical sectors, specializing in clinical research and medical affairs for eye diseases


Dr. Butuner has expertise in clinical drug development for front and back eye diseases/disorders, including rare inherited retinal diseases. She has worked with Biogen, Bausch & Lomb, QLT Inc, Bayer, Novartis, and McMaster University (Division of Ophthalmology), and is passionate about bringing new treatment options to patients with eye diseases.

“Visionary Care for Your Eyes – Seeing a Better Future Together”

Proper eye care, including regular eye exams, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and protecting the eyes from harmful environmental factors, can help prevent and manage various eye diseases. Moreover, advancing the field of ophthalmology through research and development of new treatments and technologies can provide better and more effective options for patients with eye diseases. Ultimately, prioritizing eye care and advancing the field of ophthalmology can lead to improved patient outcomes, including better vision, quality of life, and overall health.

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